Kabomb Creative

Kabomb Creative The long, tumultuous affair began in a young girl’s journal. A present bestowed upon her 13th birthday, the small blue book, with the rudimentary lock on the cover, would in essence unlock a passion. Through crayon, pencil, pen and pixel, the hunger to know, say, and be more flourished.

Kabomb Creative Fast forward through blistering love-notes, and ghost-writing poetry for timid lovers the dance begins. Graduating to newsletters, bios of musicians, actors, company execs, short stories, resumes, articles, web content, food reviews, etc., giving rise to the addiction…unquenchable.

Always looking for the next entwinement of words, ideas, history, statistics to meld into something more than pixels and paper can behold. Let Kabomb Creative be your Force Majeure, your Chemical X, or the silent partner, who will weave all of your word-ly needs into an Opus.